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The needs of the time are laymen business men and housewives who live exemplary lives as Christians in all realms of their lives.
Furthermore, it is for them to bring the great season of Jesus Christ through preaching the Gospel to others; to families, workplaces, societies, nations and all over the world. In order to meet the needs of the time effectively, BBB welcomes your willful giving of financial donations and joyful joining. You can get a tax deduction on your entire donation according to the law of company tax in Article 24, Section 1 (designated donation, code40).

This is possible as BBB is an incorporated association (named BBB Bible Study Council) approved by the Korean government on Nov. 11, 2004 according to Chapter 520 of the Ministry of Culture of Tourism.
The Account No. for Donation (5,000won per one account), Account holder: BBB Bible Study Council
Wooribank: 1005-700-908640, Kookminbank : 068801-04-118887, Nonghyup : 360-01-058027, Shinhanbank : 140-007-072328, Hanabank : 199-910004-34104
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