Pastor Henry

I am one of the Christian you met in Hong Kong. Do you remember I brought my 90-year old father to your meeting by wheel chair to ask you to pray for him. In about January this year satan revealed itself and curse my father. From February 15, the day of his 90 years old birthday till now, my father has no strength to get up from his bed. He taught Chinese Kufu for about 30 years, that kufu has Chinese religious background. After confessing his sin, he coughed and vomited a lot of dark brown things in four big boxes of tissues. But now he still could not get up and sometimes has illusion and dreams that make him worried.

My whole church fast for 40 days , starting from 12 April. I grasped this opportunity to fast and prayed for my father to undo the devil's curse on my father. But my weight dropped from 72lbs to 62lbs in only 6days fasting of solid food. Should I continue to fast from solid food? I have experienced that my spirit is more awake during these 6 days of fasting. My church stopped a lot of function to wait upon the Lord. The worship is quite inspiring.

Please pray for me and my father.

Hope to see you in Hong Kong.

Ting Fong Yong